On Going Fundraisers

We also participate in fundraising campaigns at Price Chopper, Target, Labels for Education, and Box Tops for Education.  Contact the school office to sign up for these campaigns and for more information.

Adopt A Classroom

Many OSL classrooms are registered with Adopt-A-Classroom.  Visit www.adoptaclassroom.org and search in the 12205 zip code and select the classroom(s) you would like to donate to from our school.



1. Selecting a classroom A donor selects a classroom and makes a contribution for the teacher to use and purchase much needed resources for the classroom. Donors may search for classrooms by geography, school name, teacher name or other search criteria. If a donor has no preference, Adopt-A-Classroom partners the donor with an underserved classroom in the community.

2. 100% of donation to the classroom Adopt-A-Classroom directs 100% of all donations earmarked for classrooms to the classroom teacher in the form of online credit. Adopt-A-Classroom takes $0 for administration.

3. Ordering classroom resources The teacher uses the credit to shop online from a network of affiliate vendors that have partnered with Adopt-A-Classroom. The teacher has full discretion to purchase resources that meet student needs and increase opportunity for classroom success. If the teacher is unable to meet classroom needs with the affiliate vendors, Adopt-A-Classroom will work with the teacher on a one-to-one basis.

4. 100% accountability and transparency Adopt-A-Classroom sends each donor an “Impact Report” which details item-by-item, dollar-for-dollar what the teacher purchased with the donation.

5. Corresponding and interacting Donors and teachers communicate throughout the school year, so donors can learn about the difference they have made in the lives of the students. In most instances, donors receive thank you packages, artwork and other student created projects. Donors may choose to support the classroom in ways beyond the financial contribution, such as visiting the classroom, chaperoning field trips and other activities that are coordinated directly between donor and teacher.

6. Lasting relationship As donors participate in subsequent years, they not only enjoy the cumulative effect of their efforts with each new class of students, but also develop a lasting and meaningful relationship with the classroom teacher.


For more information, please visit: www.adoptaclassroom.org


Bettyjean Madden Scholarship --based on Academic Performance, Christian Character

and Financial Need - Preference to children of single parents


Jennifer Bauer Scholarship – based on Academic Performance and Christian Character


Ernie Kessler Scholarship - based on Academic Performance and Christian Character



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Parent Teacher Organization


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